School History

Who Was St. Boniface?

Patron Saint of Germany was known for spreading the word of God throughout Europe.
“O God, You called a multitude of peoples to the knowledge of Your name by the zeal of St. Boniface, Your Martyr and Bishop. Grant that we may enjoy his protection.” Boniface was born on June 5, 672 in Devonshire,England. From the age of thirteen he was educated in the Benedictine monastery of Exeter, where he later became a monk. He went to Rome to obtain the Pope’s blessing on his mission to the German people. It was a slow and dangerous task. He destroyed temples of idols and replaced them by building churches on their sites. Boniface was recalled to Rome, consecrated bishop by the Pope, and returned to extend and organize the Church in Germany. In 754, he chose Mainz as his Episcopal See, after he had established a number of dioceses. He corrected abuses and built religious houses. Boniface then set out to convert a pagan tribe in Holland. While he was waiting to administer the sacrament of Confirmation to some newly baptized Christians, a troop of pagans arrived. Boniface’s aides would have fought to protect him, but he asked them not to resist. On June 5, 745 CE St. Boniface was killed along with fifty-two other Christians who were with him.

Christian Spirit and Social Justice

The school community is active in serving the needs of those less fortunate. We support the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. Bonaventure Church with monthly food bank donations on the first Friday of each month and have traditionally supported their Christmas Hamper campaign. In addition to these we offer support to various charitable organizations such as Mission Mexico throughout the year.

School Vision

By focusing on Catholic values we will create a vibrant learning community which engages and inspires the mind, heart and spirit of each student, staff member and parent.

School Philosophy

The school operates under the mandate of Alberta Learning and under the guidance of the Catholic Church. Our role is one of service in building an environment which nurtures the full development of each person as a learner, as an individual and as a spiritual and social being. Our goal is to work alongside parents in the task of developing responsible young people with a strong sense of responsibility for themselves, for their own learning, for the needs of others and also for stewardship of the environment. Our work in our Catholic Community of Caring project will help us move forward in achieving this goal.